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LFF News & Updates

LFF Director Interviewed on STL LIVE

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Narrative Furniture Featured in St. Louis Magazine

A chisel hits the floor, and three voices ring out: “Umer!” Nowhere near the chisel, the young Eritrean just grins. It’s a relief being the kid brother at work. Since his parents’ death, Abdurahman Umer has been responsible for four younger siblings.

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Local Blogger Discusses LFF Footprint in Fox Park

Walk up Jefferson Avenue, just north of Gravois in the Fox Park Neighborhood, and you may notice something new and exciting at the corner of South Jefferson and Victor Street. Most recently, the building at 2501 Jefferson housed a music club/performance space called "the Warehouse" which closed not too long ago...

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Narrative Furniture: Hand-Built to be a Part of Your Story

In March 2015, our most recent domestic venture, Narrative Furniture Inc., moved its production wood shop into the basement of LFF headquarters at 2501 S. Jefferson in Fox Park, St. Louis. With an initial crew representing four different nationalities, Narrative Furniture embodies the unifying power of story within the melting pot of culture and experience found within our community.

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LFF Purchases Old Ford/Rambler Building in St. Louis City

Located on the city’s south side, South Jefferson Avenue was home to a thriving automobile industry in the first half of the 20th century. Like many of the older industries upon which St. Louis was built that have either moved on or closed down, the industry has left a number of large warehouse buildings as monuments of a previous era.

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