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Narrative Furniture Featured in St. Louis Magazine

A chisel hits the floor, and three voices ring out: “Umer!” Nowhere near the chisel, the young Eritrean just grins. It’s a relief being the kid brother at work. Since his parents’ death, Abdurahman Umer has been responsible for four younger siblings.

He hoists the garage door for a new shipment of cherry wood as Qaiss Sayed Hakimshah, a refugee from Afghanistan, saws strips of walnut and maple. Smoke hangs in the air, kicked up by the blade’s hot bite. Auday (who’s from Iraq and asks that his surname not be used) just found out that a barn’s going down in Millstadt, Illinois. He wants those hand-hewn 8-by-8-foot beams.

Three guys in Fox Park who’d never used a shop tool are now handcrafting some of the area’s most artful, highest-quality wood furniture…and it’s designed with an industrial chic that comes naturally to St. Louis, by a Korean-American who moved here from L.A.

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