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Narrative Furniture: Hand-Built to be a Part of Your Story

In March 2015, our most recent domestic venture, Narrative Furniture Inc., moved its production wood shop into the basement of LFF headquarters at 2501 S. Jefferson in Fox Park, St. Louis. With an initial crew representing four different nationalities, Narrative Furniture embodies the unifying power of story within the melting pot of culture and experience found within our community.

Whether considering the source of our lumber, or the craftsmanship of those who shape it, or those who will enjoy it for years to come, we build quality legacy pieces designed to be part of great stories. Narrative furniture offers several different production lines, including our own Collection Line, manufacturing for Private Label, and Custom Designs.

Our employees stories are representative of countless people who have traversed great distances in search of employment, security, or freedom. The details may differ, but the drive to be a part of a meaningful narrative greater than themselves is one that we all share in common. Now they, along with Narrative Furniture, have planted roots in St. Louis, and together we embark on a vision to participate in the revitalization of an industrial manufacturing spirit that once thrived in this city.

If you are in the market for a new dining room table, desk, coffee table, custom office or conference room furniture, or are looking for some smaller items for gifting or personal use, please visit our website at