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St. Louis Renewal Initiative

Impacting St. Louis through Social Enterprise and Strategic Partnership

Believing that business can be a catalyst for individual and community renewal, LFF invests in and operates start-ups that create jobs and add value to communities in great need. We are committed to developing ongoing strategic partnerships with community leaders and other organizations who share a passion for holistic and sustainable impact in St. Louis with the hope of participating in the flourishing of our city.

Wellspring Cleaning Solutions

Wellspring Cleaning is a commercial cleaning company in St. Louis committed to making the workplace a healthy environment where companies thrive. Believing that a clean and healthy environment contributes to a thriving workplace, our standards and services provide clients with the peace of mind needed to focus on their business success.

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Narrative Furniture

Narrative Furniture

Narrative Furniture Inc. is the expression of a vision to reclaim and realize the power of story through custom furniture design and economic development. Planting our roots in the historic Fox Park neighborhood of St. Louis in a building once filled with Fords and Ramblers, we are here to stay! Whether considering the source of our lumber, or the craftsmanship of those who shape it, or those who will enjoy it for years to come, we build quality legacy pieces designed to be part of great stories.

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